To have healthy and beautiful skin, you need to hydrate it properly. 

On the face, care depends on a specific facial schedule. And a step that can never be missed is hydration. Therefore, factors such as age and skin type influence when choosing products. Still, there are many doubts about how to hydrate the skin of the face.

Check out the tips from Dr. Fernanda Gonçalves for always hydrated skin
In winter, especially, this care is essential. 

After all, with the low temperature, winds and more frequent hot baths, the skin tends to dry out. Lack of hydration leaves visible signs on the skin, cracks, fine lines and even triggers premature aging. Hydration helps create a protective barrier, fighting this damage.

Therefore, creating the habit of taking care of the skin of the face is essential. Clean, tone and hydrate. These three steps are essential and can also add other care to treat and prevent blemishes, eye bags and stimulate cell renewal. So, how to moisturize the skin on the face? See below!

Each skin has its own characteristics, so you need to be aware when choosing the moisturizer for the skin of the face. There is a wide variety of products made for oily, dry or combination skin. In addition to those that still have sun protection, whitening effect and oil control.

Also, you need to remember that the moisturizer for the skin of the face is different from products for the body. Therefore, the same items cannot be used, as the skin of the face requires a light and quickly absorbed moisturizer. That way, choose the right moisturizer for your skin type and meet your needs.

In the morning, ideally, the moisturizer should have a good sun protection factor with an SPF of 30 to 60. However, you need to know that no blocker 100% blocks the harmful effects of the sun on your skin. In fact, UVB and UVA rays cause undesirable effects such as wrinkles, sagging and can even cause cancer. That way, even on cloudy days, the moisturizer with solar filter should not be dispensed with.

Already at bedtime, the moisturizer can be a great ally of the face. The anti-aging actives, such as retinoic acid, promote greater care for the skin's appearance. In addition, the moisturizer works better during sleep. With this, at dawn, the skin will be revitalized and with a healthier appearance.

Exfoliation is a phase of the facial schedule that eliminates dead cells and removes impurities that block pores. In this way, it allows for better absorption of the moisturizer by facilitating its penetration. Although it is a deep cleaning step, it is not recommended that the procedure be performed every day. After all, more delicate and dry skins do not need a weekly exfoliation, it can be done every fortnight. Already oily, may need a scrub at least 1 time a week.

Those who suffer from excess oiliness on their face believe that washing it many times a day is the solution. This error can have a rebound effect, as the sebaceous glands will understand that the face is dry and will increase oil production. For those with dry skin, over-washing will increase dryness. Therefore, caution is needed.

Choose to wash your face after waking up and before bed, so the skin will remain clean and hydrated. In addition, this technique helps the skin maintain its natural protective barrier throughout the day.

With these tips, we hope you feel more confident about how to moisturize your facial skin! Also, follow Dr. Fernanda Gonçalves on social media, there are hundreds of information about the universe of aesthetics and its care :)