No more waking up looking like a panda!

Makeup is a great ally to enhance our beauty, but it is essential to remove it correctly so as not to have future problems, as products clog pores and can cause blemishes, pimples and premature aging of the skin.

So, don't even think about skipping this step or doing it anyway, see? Even after arriving tired from work or a party, sleeping with makeup on is not a good option.

Check out essential tips that Dr. Fernanda Gonçalves prepared about simple ways to remove makeup correctly that will help you keep your skin clean, healthy and hydrated.

Common mistakes when removing makeup

You already understood that it's important to remove makeup correctly, but before we show you how, we want to warn you of some common mistakes that happen in this step and can harm your skin. Take a look:

1. Using products that are inappropriate for your skin 

Each skin type has its particularities and needs appropriate make-up remover products:

Dry skin: prefer makeup remover creams or wipes that, in addition to removing make-up, also hydrate the skin; 

Mixed skin: use foam make-up removers on a daily basis and bet on biphasic ones for heavier makeup; 

Oily skin: choose an oil free formula, micellar water or a cleansing oil (which works for all skins!), and avoid biphasic makeup removers.

2. Use force to remove makeup 

Forcing a cotton pad or tissue to remove makeup can harm your skin. So, use the right products and always apply them with smooth movements.

3. Repeat the same cotton on both eyes 

Use different cotton for each eye, avoiding the risk of passing bacteria from one to the other.

4. Using soap or shampoo to remove makeup 

These products are not designed to remove makeup and can irritate your face and leave residue on your skin.

5. Use a hand towel to dry your face 

The hand towel can have a lot of bacteria, so prefer to dry your face with toilet paper or a towel exclusive to make up.

Now that you know what not to do when removing makeup, see the step-by-step instructions for using the products indicated to ensure a 100% clean face. Your skin thanks you!

micellar water

Micellar water is a multifunctional product that, in addition to removing makeup, also tones the face and controls oiliness. It is indicated for all skin types, especially sensitive ones, as it is free of any oil, alcohol or dyes. See how simple its application is:

1- Apply micellar water to a cotton pad;

2- Let the product act for a few seconds on the makeup area you want to remove - this process softens the products, making cleaning easier;

3- Make smooth movements from the inside out of the face, until you remove all make up;

4- Use different cottons on each eye and remember to change them when they are dirty;

5-Repeat the process until you remove all makeup;

6- Enjoy the night with a clean and fresh face!

As you can see, micellar water does not require rinsing or subsequent hydration, which makes the process even easier. In addition, this wonderful product removes any type of makeup, including waterproof, so put it in your routine and ensure beautiful and healthy skin.

makeup remover cream

The makeup remover cream is indicated for those with dry and sensitive skin, as in addition to removing makeup, it also hydrates - perfect, right? If this is your case, bet on this product without fear and enjoy the good results!

1- With your fingers, apply the cream all over your face;

2- Massage it in smooth movements until the makeup starts to dissolve;

3- Remove all the product with cotton or a soft toilet paper;

4- Wash your face with a facial soap, removing any trace of make up;

5- Finish by hydrating your face with products suitable for your skin type.

Saw? Removing makeup with the makeup remover cream is very easy and fast. So, just dedicate a few minutes of your day to using it and your face will be clean.

makeup remover wipe

The makeup remover wipe is the most practical option for removing makeup, as it comes ready to use, without the need for any cotton or paper. To make it even better, there are versions of this product for all skin types, so just find yours!

1- Place the makeup remover tissue over the desired area;

2- Drag it from side to side cautiously so as not to hurt your skin;

3- When it is dirty, turn it over and continue removing makeup with the other side;

4- As soon as the scarf comes out clean, it means that all make-up has already been removed;

5- Wait for it to dry and the process is finished!

Practical to use and store, the makeup remover wipe is a great option to have at home and in your purse. That way, you'll always be ready to take off your makeup, no matter where you are!

foam makeup remover

The foam makeup remover is indicated to remove light makeup and can be used on dry or combination skin. It is very easy to apply and brings a sensation of delicious freshness:

1- Apply the foam to your face, taking care not to get it in your eyes;

2- Make circular movements, removing all makeup from your face;

3- In order not to make so much mess, start with the skin and then go to the eyes;

4- With a soft towel, remove excess product from the face;

5- Rinse your face with running water;

6- Dry it and finish with a facial moisturizer!

The foam make-up remover is a good ally to remove everyday make-up. Its smooth formula may not remove heavy products such as mascara and eyeliner, but for foundation, powder and blush, it does its job very well.

biphasic makeup remover

The biphasic make-up remover is a potent mixture of water, oil and vitamins that removes any type of make-up, especially waterproof, without leaving any residue. While removing make-up, it also hydrates, being ideal for dry and combination skin.

1- Start shaking it well before use, as they don't mix naturally;

2- Apply the product on a cotton pad;

3- Pass it all over your face, making smooth movements;

4- To remove heavy makeup, leave it on the desired area for a few seconds to soften the products;

5-Repeat this process until the cotton comes out clean;

6- Ready, your face is clean and hydrated!

Using the biphasic makeup remover, you will never again have traces of mascara or eyeliner from the day before, as it removes all makeup, leaving no traces to tell a story. Enjoy this wonder and take care of your skin!

Now that you know the most suitable and efficient techniques to remove make-up, be sure to include them in your routine and ensure clean, soft and healthy skin!

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