Knowing how to reduce dark circles under your eyes is essential to reduce the appearance of tiredness on your face, which is why Dr. Fernanda Gonçalves separated great tips for you. Check out!

One of the most common aesthetic problems, both in men and women, is dark circles, which can appear due to several factors. And, knowing how to reduce dark circles under the eyes is essential to reduce the appearance of tiredness on the face.

Obviously, several factors influence their appearance, but it is important to understand how to act to reduce them in a practical and healthy way.

After all, what are dark circles?

They are located on the eyelids and below the eyes, always with dark colors, for example purple. Its causes may vary, and may be due to genetics or lifelong factors.

Dark circles are classified into some types, they are:

Deep: they have a more brownish color, being characteristic for the shadow caused due to the ocular deepening;

Pigmentary: being more common in black people, this type is the accumulation of melanin in the thin skin of the eyes;

Sanguine: with more purple colors, they are the most common and affect more people;

Vascular: these have the color more drawn to the bluish tone and the regions can be quite swollen.

What are the causes of dark circles?

Not always the lack of sleep is the only reason to aggravate the situation of dark circles, other factors such as genetics can influence this dermatological problem. In cases of women, the intensity of dark circles can increase during the menstrual period, for example.

Another factor that can influence the increase of this problem is heredity, that is, people from the same family have the same problem. As is the case with pigmented dark circles, where they are more common in black people.

Advancing age can also directly interfere with the aesthetic issue of the face, dark circles can start to become more recurrent from the age of 37, when the bags of fat that protect the eyes begin to give way. Allergies, where people are scratching their eyes all the time, for example, and few hours of sleep are the most common reasons that cause the most recurrent and expressive appearance of dark circles.

Keep hydration up to date

It's no secret that body hydration is essential for proper functioning and better aesthetic condition. Therefore, drink plenty of water during the day, the professional recommendation is to drink at least two liters of water daily.

have a good food

Combining hydration with good nutrition is essential for the whole body and for the appearance of the eyes and face in general. Therefore, avoid or, at least, reduce the consumption of fatty foods, such as fried foods and avoid bad food. It is also important to invest in foods that are quite liquid, fruit is a great example, as they help reduce retention. Greens, vegetables and other natural foods are great too.

Decrease alcohol consumption

Excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages can mean a considerable increase in fluid retention, which causes swelling. Retention at high levels can cause the dreaded dark bags under the eyes. In addition to reducing consumption, it is important to drink plenty of water after drinking alcohol.

Reduce salt consumption

Like alcohol, excessive salt consumption can increase cell fluid retention, causing worsening blood vessel congestion. One of the biggest problems caused by sodium is the swelling of dark circles, so keep a healthy diet.

improve your sleep

Without being a secret to anyone, having a good night's sleep helps reduce stress and, not to mention, that during these hours the skin recovers. When sleeping little, this process doesn't occur as it should and that's why this problem occurs. Experts recommend eight hours of sleep a day.

Hydrate and protect your face

In addition to all the tips mentioned, the main thing is to keep your skin hydrated and protected. For this, keep vitamin D up to date and use creams specific to your skin type. Another point that is essential is the use of sunscreens daily.

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