Know all the care to have a beautiful and hydrated mouth

1. Always moisturize your lips - and with care!
One of the main skincare rules is to keep hydration up to date, right? According to Dr. Fernanda Gonçalves, the same goes for the lips. The skin in the region is thinner and does not produce the same amount of sebum and fatty acids as the face. "As it is a transitional tissue, the mucosa does not manufacture its own oiliness. The oiliness, hydration and barrier come from neighboring structures. That is why it is important to hydrate the lips, because the skin barrier can be created in an artificial way", explains the professional.

2. Bet on exfoliations when you feel the need
Who has never suffered from loose skin on the lips, especially on colder weather days? Peeling of the lips is a natural process of the body, which takes place from 3 to 7 days. Including exfoliation in your skincare routine, in addition to frequent hydration, can help improve the uncomfortable feeling of flaking. "What happens when you exfoliate is you feel soft and comfortable," says Dr. Fernanda.

3. Protect your lips well from the effects of the sun
Using sunscreen on your face and body daily is another essential step in skin care - and it should be extended to your lips. "It is a skin that has no defense and a very common area for non-melanoma skin cancer to appear, especially in elderly patients, due to excessive sun exposure", explains Dr. Fernanda. "Because it doesn't have a complete layer of epidermis, it's also more susceptible and more fragile to defend itself from the sun."

4. Don't "lick" your lips throughout the day
When our lips feel dry, our first reflex is to moisten them with our tongue to hydrate them. Surely you or someone close has this craze, right? It's time to retire this habit for good: the acidity of saliva can actually worsen dryness and irritate the skin of the mouth, causing dark spots. In addition, other problems include redness and the formation of microcracks on the lips.

5. Don't pull loose "little skins" from your mouth
Another craze that should be left aside is lip picking. No pulling the loose skins with your nails and teeth: this habit can cause wounds that do not close and, as a result, you will be subject to a series of diseases and infections. Best avoided, right?

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