Skin cleansing is a treatment that helps remove all impurities on the face, such as product buildup, makeup and pollution residues. The procedure is done in stages that include hygiene in the region, exfoliation, extraction of lesions, hydration, among others.

The ritual can be done every month for those with oily skin or every 60 days for other types.

The formation of blackheads and pimples  on the face is a typical feature of acneic and oily skin. However, these problems are also very common in other skin types that are not properly cleaned, due to the accumulation of impurities that lead to pore clogging. In order to avoid these discomforts, the most recommended thing to do is a deep skin cleansing: a procedure highly recommended by health professionals and that can be done on any type of skin.

(Demonstration of the result of deep skin cleaning)

Deep skin cleaning, done by a professional, is wonderful for the skin, especially when we talk about removing blackheads and dirt, or the excess of dead skin that is already very deep in the pores", he explains. "Some blackheads, such as of the nose, do not come out if not with a deeper cleaning. Trying to remove them at home will only cause more skin damage. Also, it can end up turning those cloves into pimples.