In addition to volumizing the buttocks, the Perfect Gluteus method can also improve the signs of different degrees of cellulite.

It is a protocol with a combination of assets to increase the buttocks (more volume) and stimulation of natural collagen, with Calcium Hydroxyapatite (Collagen Biostimulator). These combinations improve flaccidity, cellulite and promote a significant increase in the buttocks.

We associate techniques at the end of the application of the treatment to stimulate the contour and appearance of the skin. Perfect combinations to give that incredible volume, while still providing support and firmness.

(Demonstration of the result of applying the Perfect Gluteus Method)

It is capable of softening the effects that age brings, increasing collagen production, improving the texture of the buttocks, acting as an "anti-cellulite", strengthening the muscle fiber and increasing the skin's radiance.

the product leaves microparticles in the body that, over the months, cause a controlled inflammatory response around the applied substance. Soon, it is decomposed and absorbed. Ultimately, this results in neocollagenesis, or the formation of new collagen.