Lip micropigmentation is part of the group of techniques that were previously called semi-permanent makeup. Those who have pale or purplish lips naturally look for the technique to give more life to their mouth, making their smile even more beautiful.

The procedure is also recommended for those who wish to have a better defined lip contour, leaving the mouth more defined. With natural results, the technique has been falling in love with Brazilians. it is the application of a pigment on the epidermis that restores the color of the skin in the region and defines the contour of the lips.

(Demonstration of the result of applying Lip Micropigmentation)

The technique of micropigmentation gains space among those who seek to enhance the lips. The procedure is among the favorites of those who want to rejuvenate and give more color to the mouth, in addition to highlighting the contour and correcting asymmetries. Over the years, it is normal for there to be a loss of volume and a decrease in the natural color of the lips, which can make the procedure attractive.