The filling of dark circles with hyaluronic acid is indicated for adult women and men, in cases where the furrow under the eyes impairs facial harmony and bothers the patient.

What is it for? 

In recent years, filling with hyaluronic acid has appeared as a miracle solution for those suffering from dark circles. And, indeed, he is. This is because the substance helps in the hydration of the skin and also in the formation of collagen.

What are the benefits? 

When injected, hyaluronic acid is able to improve the appearance of shadow caused by the grooves in the region and also helps by giving firmness to the most delicate area of the face. This procedure is especially indicated for those who have very deep dark circles. It is especially beneficial in cases where the furrow under the eyes ends up harming the harmony of the face. Both men and women can enjoy it.

The result, however, will depend on some factors, such as the depth of the dark circles, the previous condition of the skin and, also, the body's ability to reabsorb the substance.

(Demonstration of the result of applying the Dark Circles Filler)

Right after applying the Filler, it is already possible to see the results. In some cases, it is possible to notice contour relief in the region. In addition, a small elevation can be applied to the cheekbones, improving the harmony of the face and removing the tired look.