Facial filling with hyaluronic acid is an aesthetic procedure that aims to recover the appearance of the face by restructuring structures that have changed due to the aging process. It is also performed on young patients with the aim of harmonizing or beautifying the face.


The filling is indicated for the correction of facial furrows, such as the Chinese mustache and deep wrinkles. It is also indicated for dark circles, lip augmentation and for the correction of nose imperfections, such as tip fall.

What are the benefits? 

The procedure for applying filler is simple and fast and recovery is immediate. The great advantage of padding is that it doesn't change your image, it just camouflages what's in excess. There are no drastic changes in the physiognomy, so it doesn't take away the person's identity, it just attenuates the marks of time.

(Demonstration of the result of the application of Facial Filling)

Before starting the procedure, the patient undergoes an evaluation period, in which the doctor will assess the patient's face and their respective areas of dissatisfaction, and points of intervention.  Then, hyaluronic acid is applied to the predetermined facial areas using a blunt needle, called a microcannula, which allows for a more natural result and uniform filling.