Having hydrated, healthy and voluminous lips is every woman's wish! To achieve this goal, invest in Hyauronic Acid, an asset that has the power to attract water by increasing the volume of the lips, leaving the skin in the region healthier and more beautiful.


The lip filler is indicated for men and women who want to give more volume to the lips, making them plumper and outlined. Lip filling is also indicated for lip corrections that have thinned over time.

What are the benefits? 

We apply a filler with the longest duration on the market (8 months to 12 months). The procedure is quick and recovery is immediate.

(Demonstration of the result of applying Lip Filler)

The acid is injected with a needle, and for a few minutes the area is modeled with a light massage, which helps to eliminate possible asymmetries.  The acid is normally applied to the upper lip, which is always thinner. To increase the volume, the substance is placed on the contour of the mouth. For more volume, the acid is inserted from the inner side of the lip.