It is a minimally invasive, non-surgical procedure, indicated for people who have no comorbidities or circulatory pathologies and wish to improve the aesthetic aspect of the affected region. The procedure consists in applying a sclerosing substance that "dries out" this vase, interrupting blood circulation in the area. The result is the disappearance of the microvessel and consequently the improvement of the appearance and of some symptoms such as pain and swelling, as well as the aesthetic aspect.

How is the treatment for microvessels done?

The process consists of applying glucose through microneedles inside the tiny vessels. By using a natural liquid, sclerotherapy with glucose is very indicated, since it does not cause allergic reactions on the skin or provide risk.

Care after microvessel treatment? 

The patient should be aware and prepare for the procedure before and after. One day before performing the sclerotherapy, you can not do waxing or apply creams on the legs. Avoid exposure to the sun for about 15 days after the treatment. It is recommended that you wear stockings with elastic compression during the day for weeks.