Fernanda Gonçalves, businesswoman and CEO of Clínica Medical Laser, trained in aesthetics, cosmetics, nursing, and biomedicine, postgraduate in advanced aesthetics and facial harmonization. She has more than 30 specializations in the area. Among them specialization in facial harmonization by HARVARD UNIVERSITY (USA). Specialist in lips and rejuvenation. Dr. Fernanda Gonçalves is an expert in minimally invasive aesthetic procedures, such as Facial Harmonization and Biostimulators, with more than 30 specializations in the area (national and international experience). She performs the application of her work with maximum efficiency through her high knowledge in the area and infrastructure with last-generation equipment, always keeping her improvement on the various techniques that involve the mathematics of facial beauty, with love for each procedure, and always striving for safe results, with maximum naturalness. In times of vacant schedules, she actively participates in congresses always in search of updates and new knowledge, to offer the best to her patients.